Use Cases

How To Setup Alerting in Tableau and SQL

Alerting is one of the most important ways of condensing data down to what is necessary. Receive a Report or a Message whenever a condition is met in your Tableau or SQL Server.

Simple Tableau Scheduling

Ever think about how you have all these beautifully designed Tableau dashboards in your Company account, but half of the people this data is relevant to never look at them?

Tableau Burst Reporting

Deliver Bulks of Pixel Perfect Reports by Maintaining an Address List. Learn how to set this up so that a different filter is applied to each report sent in the list.

Sending an Emoji Loaded KPI Report

Presenting data as charts and table isn’t the only way with pushMetrics. In fact you can pretty much get as creative as your Slack and Email tools will let you.

Sending SQL queries to Slack

Keep track of Companies Trialing your Product. Alert your Customer Success teams about low usage in key accounts. Send out scheduled SQL Queries of Key Values. Update the whole team of all orders that happened over night.

Automatically upload CSV reports to a customer’s FTP server

Learn how to send a CSV export from an SQL Query or Tableau view straight to an FTP or SFTP server.

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