Use Cases

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How To Setup Alerting in Tableau and SQL

Alerting is one of the most important ways of condensing data down to what is necessary. Receive a Report or a Message whenever a condition is met in your Tableau or SQL Server.

Simple Tableau Scheduling

Exporting a Tableau Chart or Dashboard and attaching it to an automated Email or Slack message is a matter of 1 or 2 minutes. Simply follow the steps below.

Tableau Burst Reporting

Create bulk Report deliveries with Mail Merge Reports to apply a different filter for each recipient. The steps below use a JSON list. You can also import your parameters from a Tableau Table, SQL query, or Google Sheets.

Sending an Emoji Loaded KPI Report

With PushMetrics you can import data from Tableau or SQl and use that data in Email or Slack body. Your Workflow will create one Report per row imported. The columns then become available as parameters that you apply using double curly braces: ``.

Sending SQL queries to Slack

PushMetrics allows you to export SQL Queries and send them out as HTML tables. This is done by saving an SQL Query as a chart and then choosing the ‘Text’ format for it in your Workflow.

Automatically upload CSV reports to a customer’s FTP server

PushMetrics reporting is also compatible with FTP, S3 and Webhooks. This example demonstrates uploading to an FTP server.

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