Sending an Emoji Loaded KPI Report

Presenting data as charts and table isn’t the only way with pushMetrics. In fact you can pretty much get as creative as your Slack and Email tools will let you.

Of course, every format has its benefits, but sending out a daily or weekly KPI message like this, using filtered values for teams or individuals will likely be the easiest way to lead your team into a data oriented future.

What we did here is import an SQL table (Tableau tables work the same), then use the columns as parameters. One Report is created for each row returned. In this case we could write an aggregation to create a Daily or Monthly Summary.

To create a message like the one above, all you need is a SQL or Tableau table with your KPI’s in place, PushMetrics Mail Merge, and about 5 minutes of time.

Here’s comes PushMetrics Mail Merge Parameters:

1. Write your SQL Query. In this case filtered for yesterdays values (current_date-1).

2. Review the columns imported and their sample Values.

3. Apply the above imported Columns as {{ Parameters }} to your Message.

4. Schedule this like a regular Mail Merge or Simple Report.

5. Let robots do the rest. 🤖

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