Install & Use the Slack App

The Add to Slack button will be right on your Home Screen if you’re a new user. Either way you will be able to locate it in in Settings > Destination > Add to Slack. Click it, follow the instructions, and you will receive a confirmation message in your Slack. Adding the PushMetrics app to your Slack will:

  • Add all users in your Slack Team as Users in PushMetrics.
  • Allow you to choose from Slack recipients and Channels when creating a Workflow Report.
  • Let you access all of your PushMetrics content, including Tableau, from any of your Slack chats.

Try it out right now:

  • Type /pm + ⏎ in any Slack-chat.
  • Check out your content.
  • Share something to sample a result.

Navigate the App
Invite Your Team