Data Connections

To create a connection to your data go to Settings and click on ‘Create’ near Data Connection. Choose one of the following:

The following Databases are currently supported:
  • Amazon Athena
  • Apache Impala
  • Apache Kylin
  • Big Query
  • Clickhouse
  • Elasticsearch
  • Firebird
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redshift
  • Snowflake

If you have any concerns about the Security of you System and the Privacy of your data while establishing a connection, please do check out these pages with our Security and Privacy Statements:


Pick the type of Tableau connection you would like create: Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Unfortunately, we do not support Tableau Public yet.

It is necessary to fill the form with the Tableau URL, Username and Password.

For the moment, the Tableau APIs do not support authentication via SAML, oAuth or other SSO methods to sign in. To connect, you will be required to switch the authentication method of users to Tableau’s default authentication method: username and password. This could be a dedicated Tableau API user account that you create for this pupose, or simply your personal one.

If your Tableau Server runs behind a firewall, you need to whitelist these IP addresses in order to establish a connection between PushMetrics and your Tableau Server:

For more information about the Tableau URL, check here:

More information about authentication check our Help Article

SQL Database

Depending on your SQL Server type you will need different authentication information. If you are unsure best contact your admin or server providers.

You will have to whitelist the following IP Address from your firewall for PushMetrics to access it:

Google Sheets

The Google Sheets connector is in the same place as the SQL Database connectors. Just choose Google Sheets as the connection form when selecting a type of database.

NOTE: You can access spreadsheets that are shared only within an organization. Only G-Suite Accounts may make their Sheets subject to API Queries. Personal Accounts do not have access to
  1. Setting up your Google API
    1. Go to Google Service Account and log-in here.
    2. Select or create a Project.
    3. Go to: IAM & Admin > Service Accounts > Create Service Account.
    4. Give your account a name & description.
    5. Choose Project > Viewer as a Role.
    6. Click Create Key and choose JSON as Key type.
    7. Take note of your Serivce Accounts designated Email Address (client_email) and Client ID (client_id).
    8. Click your Account Email to get to your Service Account Options.
    9. Make sure "Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation" option in Service Account "Domain-wide Delegation" is enabled.
  2. Setting up API Client access
    1. Go to: 
      where ${YOUR_DOMAIN} is your Google Primary domain. You will find the domain name here: Google Admin Manage Domains.
    2. Add the "Client ID" as the "Client Name", and add as the scope.
  3. Setting up your Google Sheet
    1. Navigate to the Google Sheet you want to Query.
    2. Click share and add your Service Account Email as Viewer.
  4. Setting up you PushMetrics Connection
    1. In the PushMetrics App, go to:
      Settings > Data Connections > (+) New Data Source > SQL Database
    2. Choose Google Sheets as Type.
    3. Insert your Service Account Email as User.
    4. Copy & Paste the content of the Key JSON File into the Keyfile JSON field.
    5. Done. Click connect and query your new Data Source.

User Management