Whitelabel Emails

How to use a custom email address to send reports from PushMetrics

Note: This service only works if you are on a PRO plan or bought Whitelabel Emails as an add-on.

PushMetrics uses AWS SES (Simple Email Service) to send emails from the application and we’re following the setup guidelines of AWS to configure white label emails for our clients.

Please note that we will only send emails on your behalf, we don’t receive emails on this custom email. Make sure you catch responses to this email yourself, e.g. in a group inbox of your BI team.


  • A PushMetrics Pro account
  • An email address you want to use (e.g. analytics@yourdomain.com) and the sender name (e.g. “Acme Reporting”)
  • Access to your domain DNS records


To configure the custom email address, please follow the following steps:

  • Please get in touch with us and provide us with the email address and sender name you’d like to use
  • We will send a verification email to the new sender address
  • Set up two DNS records for your domain as described below
  • Let us know when done and we will change the configuration of your account
  • All emails from PushMetrics will now be sent from your email.

DNS Record Setup

Set up the following two DNS records with your domain provider to make sure the emails get delivered and really show as from your domain:


Record type: MX
Name: pmail.yourdomain.com
Value: 10 feedback-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonses.com


Record type: TXT
Name: pmail.yourdomain.com
Value: "v=spf1 include:amazonses.com ~all"

Of course you need to replace ‘yourdomain.com’ with your own domain.

The MX and VSPF records are necessary to configure a custom FROM domain for that email address.

While it would work to send emails from your custom email without DNS setup and just with email verification, this is to make sure emails don’t end up in spam or advertising folders and it will also make sure the result doesn’t look like this:

The official Amazon SES documentation for this topic can be found here.

If all is set up correctly this is what the email header looks like in Gmail for example:

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