Tableau Burst Reporting

Deliver Bulks of Pixel Perfect Reports by Maintaining an Address List. Learn how to set this up so that a different filter is applied to each report sent in the list.

Setting up a scheduled report with PushMetrics is easy. But when loads increase even that can become tedious work.

Imagine you’d be maintaining a list of of recipients, including their filters, names, addresses. Anything relevant for this persons reporting.

For each entry of this list one Report is send out. You delete a person from the list, they’re out. New coworker or client? Put them on the list.

With PushMetrics, you can maintain an Address list in JSON format, have it saved in an SQL Table, a Google Sheet, or even a Tableau view. Once your report is set up, you only maintain the address list. Everytime PushMetrics runs your Workflow, it queries your list:

Nothing on the List? Nothing sent.

1000s of entries on the list? 1000s of reports sent without you even thinking about it.

Here comes PushMetrics Mail Merge:

1. Import your list, whichever format:

2. Attach Tableau dashboards or charts.

4. Set a schedule.

5. Apply Parameters.

6. Never think about this job again.

Also check out the Slack-App page to see how people can request Tableau Views straight from their Slack.

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