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First moves around PushMetrics App

Navigating PushMetrics is mostly done using the Sidebar. It consists of 5 sections:

  1. The Browse section represents the work that you’ve done. It consists of a Home section, an All Contents section and a quick overview of Recently Viewed and Favourite content.
    • The Home section gives you quick-access to all major functions as well as a preview of your favourites, and your recent activity.
    • The All Contents section allows you to search and filter through all of your content.
  2. The Explore section is dedicated to Data Exploration, including an All Datasets section, where you can browse past SQL Queries, and the SQL Editor.
    Detailed information on Data Exploration.

  3. The Workflow section includes the reporting features, such as the Simple Report and Mail Merge Report.
    Detailed information on Workflows.

  4. The Settings section includes all Administrative features, including User Management and the Slack Application.
    Detailed information on Administration.

  5. The Profile section shows the account logged in, and the option to Logout. This is also where you find links to the Documentation, and other Help Articles.

Connect to Data
Install & Use the Slack App

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